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Edgefield County Water & Sewer Authority crews will be conducting a physical survey of the sanitary sewer system in the Towns of Edgefield, Johnston and Trenton, along with the area around Pine Ridge golf course beginning in September 2020. Testing will continue through November 2020. This study will involve the opening and entering of manholes in the streets and easements. An important task of the survey will be the “SMOKE TESTING” of the sewer lines to locate breaks and defects in the sewer system. The smoke that you see coming from the vent stacks on houses or holes in the ground is NON-TOXIC, NON-STAINING, LEAVES NO RESIDUE, HAS NO ODOR, WHITE TO GRAY IN COLOR AND CREATES NO FIRE HAZARD.

The smoke should not enter your home unless you have defective plumbing or dried up drain traps. Should the smoke enter your home, open all of your windows and doors to ventilate and reduce inhalation of smoke and contact the office so the crew can be dispatched to your home for investigation. Our smoke testing crew will be pleased to check with you as to where and why the smoke entered your home. In the event of discovering that you have a defect in your internal plumbing you may want/need to consult with your licensed plumber. It is advisable for you to pour water in any drains that are not used regularly. This will help to seal the trap and prevent any sewer gases, odors, or smoke from entering the building.

Some sewer lines and manholes are located on the backyard easement property line. Whenever these lines require investigation, members of the inspection crews will need access to the easements for the sewer lines and manholes. Homeowners do not need to be home and the workmen will not need to enter your home. Photographs are to be made of leaks occurring in the system. The information gained from this study will be used to improve your sewer service and may help reduce costs. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.
Should you have any questions or need to notify us of anything please call (803) 637-3011.