Raw Water Intake

The Authority’s only raw water source is the Savannah River at a site in North Augusta, South Carolina, approximately one mile south of the Water Treatment Plant. The intake is on the eastern side of the river, just downstream of the Steven’s Creek Dam and upstream of the Augusta City Lock and Dam. Currently the Edgefield County Water & Sewer Authority is permitted a withdrawal of 11.0 MGD by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. An Inter-Basin Transfer permit issued by DHEC’s Bureau of Water states that Edgefield County Water & Sewer Authority is authorized to withdraw a maximum of 11.0 MGD from the Savannah River basin for use and transfer to the Edisto River basin. The Inter-Basin transfer permit is valid through July 1, 2025. Currently all of the water withdrawn from the Savannah River by the Authority ultimately remains in the Savannah River basin with the exception of wastewater that is treated at the Authority’s Johnston Wastewater Treatment Plant. The Authority operates a raw water pump station at the intake site on the Savannah River. From the pump station, raw water is pumped to the Water Treatment Plant. A floating boom and suspended curtain in the raw water intake prevents most floating debris from reaching the intake. The intake structure itself is equipped with bar racks to prevent any remaining large debris from entering the wet well. The wet well is divided into two chambers. Each of the two sections can be isolated if needed. A silt stirring/suspension pump is also provided to prevent sediment buildup in the raw water wet wells. The raw water pump station floor is located directly above the raw water wet well. There are currently five raw water pumps ranging from 125 hp to 200 hp.