Elevated Storage Tanks

The Authority operates six (6) elevated storage tanks with a combined storage capacity of 2,800,000 gallons and individual capacities ranging from 200,000 gallons to 750,000 gallons.

  • Johnston Elevated Storage Tank                                 200,000 gal. volume
  • Murphy Village Elevated Storage Tank                      300,000 gal. volume
  • Edgefield (Tranter) Elevated Storage Tank                 300,000 gal. volume
  • Trenton (Hwy 25) Elevated Storage Tank                  500,000 gal. volume
  • Murphy Village Elevated Storage Tank #2                750,000 gal. volume
  • Booster (Brighthop Rd.) Elevated Storage Tank       750,000 gal. volume

These elevated tanks help maintain system pressure by supplementing high service pumping. They also supply localized storage. The Booster Tank controls the operation of the high service pumps at the Water Treatment Plant. The Trenton Tank is fed by the booster pump station at a much higher hydraulic grade, supplies water to the Edgefield and Johnston elevated storage tanks through altitude valves that open and close based on relative tank elevations.

Water mains in the Distribution system vary in size, ranging from 1 inch to 24 inch diameter. Water is transmitted from the Water Treatment Plant through a 20 inch main to the Murphy Village Tanks and the Booster Tank. Flow is fed northeast to the Trenton Tank by the booster pump station through an 18 inch water main. The Trenton Tank primarily feeds the Edgefield and Johnston areas through 14 inch and 16 inch water mains.

The Authority also operates two ground-level storage tanks with a combined capacity of 3,200,000 gallons. These two ground-level storage tanks, with capacities of 2,000,000 gallons and 1,200,000 gallons are located at the Water Treatment Plant and are used to hold water pending distribution. From the ground-level storage tanks, treated water is distributed through approximately 500 miles of supply line ranging from 24 inches in diameter to 6 inches in diameter to over 9,000 Authority customers.

The Authority also operates two pump stations, one constructed in 1974 and the other in 2010. Both of these stations aid in distribution of treated water.